Do you often experience negative thoughts that try to convince you that you're . .

- not deserving enough to be loved for who you truly are?

- not valuable enough to offer your gifts and talents to others?

- not good enough to do what you truly want?

- not worthy enough to recieve what you truly desire?

Do you feel stuck, unable to move forward or unable to do, be,

have or create the things you actually want?

Do you feel unable to make decisions about your life or follow them through to completion?

Do you feel you're unable to achieve the things you truly wish to?

Find Freedom from Negative Thoughts

That was how I felt for 32 years of my life!

It felt like a gaping black hole in my mind was sucking great ideas, thoughts and creations out of me. It seemed as if any good thought I had, about myself or my life or my future, simply crushed in on itself and was swallowed up, never to be considered again.

If I tried to push myself to do the things I wanted to do, my body would shake, I'd stutter, I'd sweat, I would go into full blown fight or flight mode, unable to control myself or my emotions, I thought I was useless, that I would never be able to get it right, that I was no good, stupid, worthless (along with many other 'colourful and interesting' names!)

It was utterly debilitating, and as a result I began to resign myself to believing 'that was it', that I just couldn't do it, yet something inside me, would not let me quit . . something kept saying to me, 'you are supposed to come and do this work . . '

'Deep in your heart, you know, you have important work to do here . . '

. . and even though I couldn't understand how, that knowing inside, made me want to go to war with these thoughts, I knew I had to find a way . . and shortly before my 33rd birthday . . with the unexpected help of a friend and coach, I saw something in myself, that I had never saw before . .

It was then I began to learn and put into practice a combination of mindset and strategy, that helped me stop the black hole in its tracks, and instead of it sucking great ideas into oblivion, I learned how to turn it inside out, and begin birthing ideas and possibilities back into existence, helping me move forward and create what I came to create.

I went from being a depressed, addicted, stressed out single mother with anxiety and debilitating low self esteem, that continually beat herself up over everything, to an empowered business woman and entrepreneur, a published author, mentor, coach, public speaker and spiritual teacher, in the space of 2 years!

Recently friends asked me, 'Fairy how did you learn to get rid of the thoughts?'

I shared with them, that the thoughts still come, however I have a process that I move through, that helps me to transform them, allowing me to see new potential to move forward.

They asked me if I would teach them, and this workshop is the result.

You will be joining us on the LIVE call with my friends as I teach and share this process.

What will you learn?

What are 'negative thoughts' and how do they serve?

Who would you be without your 'negative thoughts'?

How you can create affirmations that work specifically for you.

The process (mindset and strategy) that I use to overcome negative thoughts.

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Workshops dates:

January Mon 15th, Tues 16th & Wed 17th 2018

(Live Q & A, Thurs 18th)

Many people resign themselves and their lives to the thought: 'This is all that I am and this is as good as it gets.' That thought alone, has the power to chain them, to living a fraction of the life they could have lived.

What's in the Workshop?

Day 1 – What are ‘negative’ thoughts? Why do negative thoughts exist? Why do we ‘need’ them, what purpose could they possibly serve? How do we identify them? On Day one we'll learn all about exactly what we're dealing with, when we talk about 'negative thoughts'
Day 2 – Who are you without these ‘negative thoughts’ Who are you without the negative thoughts that you've been so accustomed to? Many of us have harboured thoughts about our self for so long, that we wouldn't even recognise what it means to actually NOT have those thoughts.
Day 3 – How do I overcome and transform these ‘negative’ thoughts into something that serves? What is the process of releasing, transforming, allowing new thoughts and beliefs to emerge. Learn how to create powerful personal affirmations, and understand in more depth the process that occurs during transformation. We'll also look at additional Self love and Self Care techniques to help to amplify your new mindset.

BONUS - Live Q & A session with Fairy

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