Cora's Dragons

Volume One - Book One

We all have dragons, and they lurk inside our minds, fearful little creatures that want to keep us safe, sometimes they become so protective of us, they don't allow us to grow or try new things, and when we try to push our boundaries, they kick off a terrible fuss. Learn how to talk to your dragons and befriend them, in order to use their strength to help you move forward and do new things in life.

Ages 4 - 7

Cora's Dragons - Storybook

£7.50 + (£2.95 p&p)

Cora's Dragons - Storybook - Signed Edition

£15.00 + (£2.95 p&p)

2 x Cora's Dragons - Storybook

2 x £7.50 + (£3.95 p&p)

2 x Cora's Dragons - Storybook - Signed Editions

2 x £15.00 + (£3.95 p&p)


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