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P6 & P7 Assembly - Edinburgh City Council

Fairy was invited to hold an assembly for Primary 6 and Primary 7's classes to talk about Self Belief, Self Confidence and Self Love, and share with them some of the practices and tools that she uses in her own life.

She shared a little of her own story, who she was when she was a child and the many things she had going on inside her own mind at that time, she also shared how the inspiration had come about for 'Cora's Dragons' the first book in the Clairey Fairy Tales series, which is all about encouraging and promoting mental wellbeing.

The children were thoroughly engaged, it seemed having an adult being so open and honest about their inner worlds, really broke down barriers which helped the children become more interested and eager to ask questions.

By the end of the session, we had shared many discussions about the different kind of dragons you can get, some of the children wished to draw dragons of their own, and a few wrote us letters.

It's interesting how children think that adults have it all together, and must have always had it together, so to share with them, that actually, we're all quite fragile and vulnerable in our own way at times, that we all experience fear or things that try to set us back, seemed to lighten up possibilities for them that even though they may think in their own minds that they are not good enough or smart enough or pretty enough to do or be certain things in the world, that these thoughts are not the deciding factor in who we are and that with a little belief, we can change them for the better, and help ourself build courage and confidence in our self so we can bring our hearts desires, dreams and visions to life.

It was quite an extraordinary day and some of the letters received from the children about experiences with their own dragons were incredibly moving.

We will be working directly with some of the schools in 2017, using the basis of Cora's Dragons to develop creative resources to work with the children in more depth, helping them find ways to overcome negative self talk in their own minds.

We put the idea to the class, expecting maybe 6 or 7 pupils to step forward, it was very encouraging to see almost all children from both classes wished to be involved.

Over the course of approx 7 weeks we will be developing a program to be used in this particular school to support the children with practices and techniques that will help build self belief, good mental health and well being, and if successful we will look to roll the program out and make it available for additoonal schools to use, or even at home.

What a beautiful opportunity to do such great work, empowering and enriching the lives of others.

We're very grateful to do the work that we do.