Questioning Creativity Panel | The Role of Creativity in a Changing World

Host: Wael Seaiby

Panelists: Claire 'Fairy' Colston (Clairey Fairy Tales) & Puneet Sachdev (Creative Philanthropy)

'Questioning Creativity' is a collaboration between ESAF (Edinburgh Student Arts Festival) & Sandbox.

In our society and in a world that is constantly changing, what role does creativity play in creating, supporting or indeed, even transforming this?

Edinburgh Student Arts Festival - ESAF and Sandbox hosted a recent panel 'Questioning Creativity' with Claire 'Fairy' Colston and Puneet Sachdev discussing 'The Role of Creativity in a Changing World'

Fairy and Mr P join forces for this wonderful podcast about creativity, a subject that is very much close to both their hearts. Fairy most especially enjoyed sharing the importance of narrative and storytelling. How it helps to shape our mindset aswell as our world, there was so much we could have spoke about on this subject and why we feel as strongly as we do about writing tales that help to build self-belief and self-confidence in children and grown ups.

You can listen to the podcast HERE , you will also find the other panels on Sandbox's Soundcloud.

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