Building Resiliance Resource Launch | Edinburgh City Council

Promoting mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

A Whole School Community Approach.

Fairy was invited along to speak at the launch of Edinburgh City Councils Building Resilience programme, with over 100 teachers, headteachers and primary carers from various schools across Edinburgh, for a very powerful and informative teacher training day.

Fairy spoke about the first book of the Clairey Fairy Tales series 'Cora's Dragons' and shared a little of her own personal journey and experience with confidence building and belief building and just how powerful the Building Resilience Resource was in having the ability to literally change children's and parents lives.

She really wished to get across to the teachers the importance of the role that they play, and the wonderful and supportive impact they make on childrens lives, who then grow into confident adults who take that out into the world. The teachers hear often how they impact the lives of children, though often we can wonder, whether what we do is actually good enough and whether it matters, so it's always really powerful to hear real life examples. Fairy shared a very powerful example of how her teachers were imperative in her young childhood, helping her to feel safe, to feel confident and plant within her seeds of possibility, that then blossomed in the coming years.

The day was a great success, and we're very proud that the first Clairey Fairy Tales childrens book is being used as a resource within the programme to go out to all schools involved, and with the second book now in production, our intention is to create, produce and supply a multitude of books that will make a positive differnece in helping to build strong confident children who believe in the best within them and who go on to develop the confidence and courage to step out on their path in life in a powerful way.