I'm here to help you believe in YOU and your ability to bring your dreams to life.
I'm an author, speaker and spiritual teacher here at Fairy Worldwide and my mission, along with my faithful winged friends and firey dragons is to help you believe in YOU, and in your possibility and potential to live your greatest life!

By publishing transformational tales, teaching classes and programs and developing learning & development resources all designed to help you focus on what you truly wish for, in order to build strong self belief, confidence and self esteem so you can step out strong in life and go do what you came for!

'I also provide one on one personal mentoring, guidance and

coaching for individuals, teachers and families.'

'I was 32 when I learned the tools and techniques that gave me wings and transformed my life and at 33 led me to launch my first company, I was astonished that in all my years of education, I had never learned the basic principles of how to believe in myself and in my dreams. Principles that contributed to my whole experience of life.

I made a commitment there and then to support and teach children and adults the tools, techniques and understandings that I learned, to help them believe in the Highest within them, that they too may fly!

Three short years later, I am a serial entrepreneur, running 3 self owned businesses, a published author, motivational speaker, belief coach and mentor. I work in collaboration with The Scottish Government, Edinburgh City Council, Police Scotland and Communities in Motion, supporting children and adults build resilience, self belief and share tools and techniques that helped me overcome ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

A member of The Scottish Storytelling Centre, I have been featured and performed in Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Students Art Festival and enjoy working alongside and in collaboration with many other organisations and support networks.

I come to serve, as an example of what is possible when you believe, and as a guide, mentor and teacher in How to do that. If it wasn't for the winged friends who coached, mentored and taught me in those latter months, I would not have learned all that had brought me to life, given me wings to soar to heights I once never believed possible, and propelled me to achieve dreams I felt then, were beyond my reach.

'When we know who we truly are and believe in the Greatest within us,

we bring our best self and gifts to the world.'

'I'm Fairy,
and I help you Believe
in YOU'

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Fairy Worldwide are a personal development and storytelling consultancy.

We publish transformation tales, classes, programs and learning & development resources developed and designed to help build and strengthen self belief, confidence and self esteem.

There are ways and means you can learn, to build your confidence and self belief, that will help you create the life You truly wish to live.

We're here to help.

'Creating a better world, by telling better stories.'